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Advance your Career, Develop a winning Personality

Personality development is vital to your career. It is an investment in yourself that will certainly pay abundant dividends. But the best thing about developing your personality besides boosting your career is that you can also apply these to your personal life and reap even greater benefits. Remember, you can only enhance your looks to a certain extent; but you have the capacity to develop your personality as much as you want. You may improve any trait which you deem proper and agreeable.

The City Government of Valenzuela thru the Job Generation Office is offering again on its 2nd year the Personality Development Seminar for ValenzuelaTrabaho members and Graduating College Students.

This seminar will develop the personality and will enhance the skills of our Valenzuelano Jobseekers. These will also help them to increase their chances of obtaining employment.


For details, call the Job Generation Office at 352-1000 local 1829 & 1215. For those who are not yet a member, register now at to receive FREE trainings and seminars.

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Time: 16:29:00
Date: Jul 02, 2015
Type: Free